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There is no more effective way to maintain or improve the attractiveness of your home then by keeping the exterior in great shape, this includes your roof. Over time many roofs need cleaning in the Rhode Island & massachusetts area start to accumulate black patches and streaks that make them look as if they are dirty. This leads many homeowners to consider replacing their roof. But replacing a roof is an expensive proposition, before you spend thousands of dollars you need to answer one important question.

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Is It Old Or Just Mold?
Those black patches and streaks that you see on your roof are almost always the result of an unwelcome guest, an algae called Gloeocapsa Magma that is literally feeding on your shingles and spreading all over your roof.

So in addition to making your roof look dirty, this algae could eventually cause real damage to your shingles and the underlying roof. Which is why it is best to call Roof Revitalizers at the first sign of invaders!

At Bianchi Painting We Know Roof Cleaning

At Bianchi Painting we focus on Revitalizing Roofs, roof cleaning. Our amazing soft wash roof cleaning process removes all traces of this algae (as well as any other dirt and debris) without the use of high pressure. We don’t pressure wash or power wash your roof. With our mix of eco-friendly detergents and a low pressure rinse, your roof will look completely revitalized, as if it was just installed!

It has been our experience that what might like an old roof is just mold and debris hiding your perfectly functional roof that doesn’t require replacement, just a little TLC. Get an instant bid today and save yourself thousands while you revitalize the appearance of your roof!

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