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Exterior Painting

A great exterior paint job can make your home stand out from your neighbors and boost your resale value.
The exterior finish is also important for protection against the elements in Rhode Island.

Preparation is the most important step towards ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting exterior home, deck or fence painting job.

Proper preparation starts with cleaning the surface to be treated to remove loose paint, dirt,
mold and mildew in order to achieve maximum adhesion of any coating material.

Next, scraping and sanding of all peeling areas are addressed. All gaps between wood should be sealed
with special sealant. We take care of all the preparation as well as the painting.

Our residential home exterior services include the following:

Complete Exterior Painting

  • Wood, composite, and vinyl siding
  • Doors and Windows
  • Wood and vinyl shutters
  • Decks and Railings
  • Architectural/trim woodwork
  • Stucco
  • Concrete
  • Fences

As part of painting service, we do the following:

All surfaces receive a thorough preparation which includes: sanding, puttying, caulking, priming, and minor carpentry work. The final coat(s) is applied using paint of the owners’ choosing.

  • Filling nail and other holes
  • Repair cracks, nail pops and dings
  • Fill Joints  and Seams

We do in days what would take you weeks

What sets us apart?

  • Dependable services
  • Experienced
  • Full Preparation, Repairs & Clean-up
  • Full Rhode Island Registration, $1M Liability Insurance, and Painting Warranty
  • FREE color consultations
  • Free estimates
  • Quality Control
  • Supervision & Inspection
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Most reliable

We can handle all jobs, big or small, and we offer painting services for both interior and exterior painting jobs in Providence RI and surrounding communities. Contact us at (401) 300-5706

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